i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

Chris Pratt recalls a story from early in his career when Jimmy went out of his way to show kindness. [x]

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hair is not permanent. baths will make u sleepy and so will lotion. if u aren’t up for school don’t fucking go. u don’t need to explain urself. it’s ok to give in to societies expectations sometimes. girl sweat is a gift from whatever the fuck u believe in. just bcause u can,doesn’t mean u should. bring food with u everywhere and don’t hesitate to eat it. ur aren’t as bloated as u think u r. write things on ur hands.


more celebrities should donate blood like could you imagine having the blood of meryl streep running through your veins

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i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with


please look at this picture of ryan


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if somebody like actually made me a mixtape i think i’d just melt of cuteness

9.22 Stairway to Heaven

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80% of my friendships on tumblr

  • me: we should talk more!
  • them: yeah we should!
  • both: *never talks to each other again*


whose idea was it to end this show